No Rest for the Wicked

Feel my pain. Ramblings of an ICU Nurse

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Most of my posts are friends only. If you want to be friended, and you are not an asshole who will rat me out for talking about my patients sometimes, I will friend you and stuff. :)

I am going to be a 'sillystudent' for a long time. I plan on doing an RN-MSN program. I will probably start at UMSL in August 2009, graduating sometime before I turn 50. I have no idea what I want to get my Masters IN either. Might be an AP degree, might be nursing education. Sigh! So many decisions, and I am so damn old already. OH! I play DDO, read SCi-FI, play pen and paper D&D, have 2 kids, a husband, and too much stuff to do. Welcome to my world!